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We’re a female focused, Women's only gym in Stoke-on-Trent - we strive to build your fitness, health and confidence to embrace the future you!

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Gymability Women's
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Exercise for Ladies

Let’s face it, many ladies often find conventional gyms very intimidating, if you’re not happy with your figure, a conventential gym full of toned bodies is probably the last place you’d like to be!

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The Gymability Women’s only gym in Stoke-on-Trent offers a warm &  welcoming environment. You get to exercise at your own pace and capability, whilst receiving a personal approach and support from our professional and friendly guides to help reach your goals.  Our power assisted exercise training is for all  major muscle groups regardless of age, disability or your present fitness level.

View some of the specialist exercise equipment available at Gymability below:

Actions: Stomach crunch, back extension, hip flexion, hip extension

Benefits: The Hip and Crunch is a specialised stomach and lower back exerciser which firms and tightens the long rectus abdominis muscle with particular emphasis on the upper abdomen.

The knee to chest motion provides improved hip flexion and extension in addition to abdominal strengthening. The crunch movement effectively opens up the spinal vertebrae, relieving spine tension. The back e