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We’re a female focused, Women's only gym in Stoke-on-Trent - we strive to build your fitness, health and confidence to embrace the future you!

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Exercise for Ladies

Let’s face it, many ladies often find conventional gyms very intimidating, if you’re not happy with your figure, a conventential gym full of toned bodies is probably the last place you’d like to be!

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The Gymability Women’s only gym in Stoke-on-Trent offers a warm &  welcoming environment. You get to exercise at your own pace and capability, whilst receiving a personal approach and support from our professional and friendly guides to help reach your goals.  Our power assisted exercise training is for all  major muscle groups regardless of age, disability or your present fitness level.

View some of the specialist exercise equipment available at Gymability below:

Actions: Stomach crunch, back extension, hip flexion, hip extension

Benefits: The Hip and Crunch is a specialised stomach and lower back exerciser which firms and tightens the long rectus abdominis muscle with particular emphasis on the upper abdomen.

The knee to chest motion provides improved hip flexion and extension in addition to abdominal strengthening. The crunch movement effectively opens up the spinal vertebrae, relieving spine tension. The back extension extends the spine and strengthens the erector spinae muscles in the lower back.

The combined effects of this, result in a flatter and firmer stomach, a stronger back and improved hip mobility. 

Actions: Sit up, back extension, knees to chest, hip extension. 

Benefits: The Back and Abs exercises the superior and inferior end of the long rectus abdominus muscle of the stomach wall in addition to the hip flexors and the erector spinae muscles of the lower back. 

The sit up motion contracts the upper end of the stomach wall whilst the knees to chest action strengthens the lower end of the stomach and the pelvic floor. A back extension (hyperextension) movement then follows the sit up.

Actions: Bicep curl, biceps extension, reverse curl, tricep pushdown, upright row, reverse row, leg extension, leg curl.

Benefits: The Arm and Leg Curl is an advanced multi-functional machine combining 8 different functions that exercise six different body parts. Upper body functions include an arm curl and bicep extension combination for the front of the upper arm. A change of grip gives a reverse curl and tricep pushdown for the back of the upper arms. An upright row and reverse row for the trapezius and neck muscles is also possible as is a leg extension for the quadriceps and a leg curl for the hamstrings. The leg curl is particularly effective at tightening the gluteal muscles of the hip.

Combined functions develop shape and strength in the arms, legs and shoulders, improves posture by working the rhomboidus muscles and improve joint mobility in the shoulders, elbows and knees.

Chest and Thighs Fly

Actions: Incline fly, seated row, hip abduction/adduction.

Benefits: The Chest and Thighs combines the movements of 4 conventional exercise machines. The upper body action utilises an incline fly motion for the chest along with a rowing exercise for the posterior deltoids and rhomboidus muscles of the shoulders and upper back. Simultaneous leg movements exercise the aductor and abductor muscles of the hips and thighs. 

Key benefits of the Chest and Thigh machine include improved shape and strength in the chest and shoulders, firming and toning in the inner and outer thigh areas. Hip and shoulder joint mobility is effectively improved.

Actions: Side bend, leg step.

Benefits: Involves upper and lower body, including the buttocks, shoulders, back, arms, chest, legs and core stabilisers. Rectus abdominis, external and internal, obliques and erector spinae (lower back).

This combination of major muscle groups works the heart and lungs helping to raise energy levels and increases oxygen supply to the bodies cells. Additionally co-ordination is improved, the heart is strengthened, metabolic rate is increased, which makes for a good fat burning exercise combination.

Actions: Torso twist, and trunk rotations.

Benefits: The Torso Twist is a unique machine which exercises the waist the stomach and the lower back through 2 conventional waist movements. The external obliques are traditionally worked from above or below the waist through twisting either the upper body or the hips. The Torso Twist effectively exercises both muscle ends simultaneously as the upper and lower body twist in opposite directions. This motion not only provides a more effective waist exercise but also trains the internal obliques and the transversus muscles within the stomach wall. The double twisting action additionally strengthens and increases mobility in the erector spinae muscles in the lower back. Effectively narrowing the waist, firming and flattening the stomach and strengthening the lower back.

Actions:Pullover, reverse pullover, hip flexion, hip extension. 

Benefits: The Stretch and Tone provides intensive hip and buttock exercise whilst stretching and toning the pectoral and intercostal chest muscles also tightening and toning the triceps.

The unique lower body action strengthens, tones and firms the gluteal muscles stimulating rapid inch loss from the hips buttocks and tummy.

Stretching the pectoralis medius muscle on the upper chest can effectively correct shoulder droop and will firm, lift and expand the chest. This will increase the vital capacity of the lungs enabling more oxygen to be processed. Hip joint mobility and upper and lower posture is also improved with use of the Stretch and Tone.

Gymability’s range of vibration machines make it so much easier to get a whole-body workout without really breaking a sweat. They are especially useful to certain Ladies who may be limited by their physical condition or advancing age that they simply can no longer perform conventional strength training exercises as efficiently and effectively as they used to.

Vibration machines have also been shown to help improve muscle mass and bone density. The application of vibrations through the muscles and bones help stimulate bone cells into forming more dense bone structure. The implications of this is the possible slowing down or even the prevention of osteoporosis.

Using a treadmill for exercise is a great way to lose weight, especially for Ladies that find it difficult to walk or run for a distance. Our treadmill is a great way to slowly build your fitness from a slow walking pace – and then gradually building up your speed slowly over time.

As far as exercise equipment goes, treadmills are one of the easiest to use, if you’re the type of person who worries about walking on rough terrain or has trouble walking up inclines, our treadmill’s surface is flat and predictable.

At Gymability, you don’t have to worry about kerbs or badly laid slabs on pavements, and best of all… You don’t have to carry an umbrella!

Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle doesn't have to break the bank

Our sessions are cost effective and pre-booked… That means no waiting around to use our fitness equipment. Each exercise machine is specially designed to exercise various muscle groups and joints at the same time, this halves the time to see real results.

Our motor-motion exercise systems are safe for all ages, without major joint and muscle stress.

Just two to three short 30 minute sessions a week will show a great improvement in your overall health, fitness and waistline! Pop along to our women’s only gym in Stoke-on-Trent.

If you're looking to lose weight, improve your cardio or strengthen and tone, then Gymability will help you achieve your goals.

Your first session at Gymability is free… Bring a friend for free too!

Working out together can be both fun and motivating, why not bring a friend or a family member and do that first session together.

No risk, No Membership required!

No, you are not tied in for any fixed period of time with a membership. Pay £3.00 per a session or pay £36.00 per a month and save money to get unlimited sessions. Gymability offer great value for money with no enrollment fees, and you can always pay as you go! (Monthly Pass payable by direct debit or cash).

Fitness is for everybody – whatever your level, we encourage fitness for all! Our team are always available during opening hours and they will be happy to help you to grow your fitness levels from scratch.  Results are guaranteed, whatever your age or fitness condition.

We can usually fit our ladies in for a session with a timing that suits you, but sessions should be pre-booked appointments by telephone or at the gym. This way, we can always make sure that you get full use of all our exercise equipment – as required.

No, come as your are – no special clothes or shoes are needed, just wear what is comfortable for you.

There is a large car park available at the rear of our building adjacent City Road, parking is also available in the surrounding streets.

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22 Christchurch Street, Fenton Stoke-on-Trent ST43AD